Doulas and Human Rights in Childbirth

Dynamic birth lawyer and founder of Human Rights in Childbirth Hermine Hayes-Klein tackles some tough questions in this 90-minute video discussion with Cristen Pascucci and several doulas:

1) What changes in human rights in childbirth have you seen in your career?
2) What are strategies for doulas to prepare clients to stand up for their rights in childbirth, but avoid a “nocebo” effect, in which we’re setting them up to expect rights violations and hostility in birth?
3) What options do doulas have when they witness abuse?
4) What options exist to help doulas and birthing people make real change? Is it either complaints of unknown effectiveness or lawsuits, or are there options in between?
5) Do you see any real positive change happening in obstetrics today at the higher levels?
6) What do you think about midwifery regulation and the current climate today?

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