Support & FAQs

We are happy to help!  You might also find an answer in our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If not, please email us at  Someone will get back to you just as soon as is possible.

I don’t understand how the group works…  Is it like therapy?

Think of it more like a support group with skills.  It’s not like traditional therapy where a professional “heals” a client–it is a group effort where each member learns how to “counsel” other members.  The beauty of it is that the practice of helping others to heal literally helps us to heal.   You can read more about Permissive Counseling here, and our Community Discussion Guidelines are here.

I don’t think I’m ready to counsel anybody.  Is it hard to do?

It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  Anyone can learn it and practice it, and we will be learning together.  You will learn step by step through a short course what it’s all about and how to do it, and you’ll have support.  And there are no demerits for messing up–messing up is often how we learn!  This is a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate space.  If you want to learn the method, you can.

I’m having a baby!  Should I cancel my subscription and re-register in a few months?

You don’t have to!  We’ve made it possible for you to pause and resume your membership at any time.  This option is located in the Subscriptions tab on your Account page.

I work as a doula but haven’t certified this year/don’t plan to certify.  Can I still join?

Yep.  If you’re supporting birthing families, this is a place for you to learn, support others, and be supported.

I certified with _____.  Does it matter what organization I’m certified with?


I’m not a doula but I want to be a part of this!  Can I join without being a doula?

If you are an advocate, educator, nurse, midwife, or other individual interested in joining, please email us at and tell us about yourself and why you think this group is for you.  It’s important to us to keep this space safe and focused, but we will consider non-doulas on a case by case basis.  Please note, your inquiry (although not your identity) may be put to the group to decide together whether we believe it’s a good fit for everyone.

I haven’t received my invitation to the group yet.  What do I do?

Please give us 1 to 2 business days to process your registration.  If you haven’t received an invitation in two days, contact us immediately at

I missed the promotional price! Can I still get a discount?

No, sorry.  After October 15, 2016, that rate is no longer available.