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Modeled after a Permissive Counseling communication model developed by a nationally known trauma expert

A unique, structured environment where doulas can open up about their own trauma and learn to heal ourselves by helping each other to heal

Safe, supportive, private online space — drama-free by design

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Discussions and videos on timely topics like horizontal violence, doulas as advocates, hospital-doula contracts, white privilege in birth, and more

Guest experts like Rebecca Dekker, PhD (Evidence Based Birth), Jen Kamel (VBAC Facts), Hermine Hayes-Klein (Human Rights in Childbirth), and Heather Thompson, PhD (Elephant Circle)

Free access to Birth Monopoly classes, including 3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Hospital Birth (with the scoop on consent forms and hospital policy)

All hosted by Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly, Improving Birth, and the Exposing the Silence Project

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