Closely moderated by Cristen Pascucci, a safe, supportive, private online space… drama-free by design.  Doulas need a safe, respectful place to open up and get non-judgmental support, as well as to process their own secondary trauma in a healthy way.

A “support group with skills,” based on the idea that each of us has the innate ability to heal ourselves… given the right support and tools.

Each member of Doula Power agrees to abide by our Community Discussion Guidelines and takes a short how-to on “Permissive Counseling”–in a simple but powerful model adapted for birth by trauma expert Nekole Shapiro.  Following a few simple guidelines, we heal by helping each other heal.


Join Cristen and group members for powerful, personal unscripted time together every month. Members meet in a private video group–pajamas and beverages optional–to debrief about difficult births, help each other brainstorm solutions on a specific situation (how do I deal with a client who has special needs? how do I help a client who is being bait-and-switched?), discuss the latest industry news or controversy (are doulas advocates?), or check in with each other about their self-care.


Access to the full library of Birth Monopoly classes and resources, including Know Your Rights: Legal and Human Rights in Childbirth for Birth Professionals and Advocates, 3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Hospital Birth (with the scoop on consent forms and hospital policy), Human Rights in Childbirth for Doulas, Horizontal Violence & Doula Disempowerment, and White Privilege in Birth (Work) 101, and The Maternity Care System of Oppression


Hosted by Cristen Pascucci, advocate for women’s rights in childbirth, speaker, writer, founder of Birth Monopoly, host of Birth Allowed Radio, former vice president of Improving Birth, and co-creator of the Exposing the Silence Project.


– This group is the place I can go when doula work is painful and hard. I did not have a safe, supportive, neutral, healing place to process the unique pain and challenges of doula life before Doula Power. I came here to learn how to support my local doula community effectively, and I discovered just how much healing and growing I needed to do myself.

– The best thing about this group are the people in it, their commitment to being open, honest and vulnerable (even and especially when it is hard).

– I love that people here seem truly interested in self-awareness and offering non-judgmental support.  I value the consistent commitment to monitoring and gently guiding- often through very authentic modeling of the process by Cristen.  I get Nekole [Shapiro]’s quiet guidance and I appreciate learning and growing together…within a larger birth community that has been (in my experience) rife with bully behavior.

– I’ve recommended this group to several women I know. It is hard to explain sometimes why a paid group makes sense. What is being done here is so important. The support I feel during my hurt, in my ignorance, and while searching I haven’t found anywhere else. The thought process of how to be present for others and respond in a supportive way is something I’m still working on… but it is a vital skill I don’t see anyone else teaching and I feel very lucky to be able to practice here in a safe space.



$319/year | Unlimited access to our group for support, plus monthly get-togethers and access to Birth Monopoly classes on key issues in birth work.  One month free each year with this option.


$29/month | Unlimited access to our group for support, plus monthly get-togethers and access to Birth Monopoly classes on key issues in birth work.  Help shape the profession from the inside out!

Guarantee: You may pause or cancel your membership at any time.


I don't understand how the group works... Is it like therapy?

Think of it more like a support group with skills.  It’s not like traditional therapy where a professional “heals” a client–it is a group effort where each member learns how to “counsel” other members.  The beauty of it is that the practice of helping others to heal literally helps us to heal.   You can read more about Permissive Counseling here, and our Community Discussion Guidelines are here.

I don't think I'm ready to counsel anybody. Is it hard to do?

It’s not easy, but it’s simple.  Anyone can learn it and practice it, and we will be learning together.  You will learn step by step through a short course what it’s all about and how to do it, and you’ll have support.  And there are no demerits for messing up–messing up is often how we learn!  This is a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate space.  If you want to learn the method, you can.

I work as a doula but haven't certified this year/don't plan to certify. Can I still join?

Yep.  If you’re supporting birthing families, this is a place for you to learn, support others, and be supported.

I certified with _____. Does it matter what organization I'm certified with?


I'm not a doula but I want to join. Can I?

If you are interested in joining, please email us at and tell us about yourself and why you think this group is for you.  It’s important to us to keep this space safe and focused, but we will consider non-doulas on a case by case basis.  Please note, your inquiry (although not your identity) may be put to the group to decide together whether we believe it’s a good fit for everyone.

I'm having a baby! Should I cancel my subscription and re-register in a few months?

You don’t have to!  We’ve made it possible for you to pause and resume your membership at any time.  This option is located in the Subscriptions tab on your Account page.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

Payments will stop, and your membership, membership rate, and benefits will expire at the end of your current subscription period.  For example, if your monthly membership renews on July 1, and you cancel on June 15, you will have access to all membership benefits for about two weeks until July 1, after which you will no longer have access to the group or materials.  The same is true for annual memberships.

*There are no refunds for canceled memberships.

I signed up but I haven't received my invitation to the group yet. What do I do?

Please give us 1 to 2 business days to process your registration.  If you haven’t received an invitation in two days, please check your Spam folders and contact us at