Know Your Rights | an online class for birth workers

– Currently part of the required curriculum for Evidence Based Birth ® Instructors

– Worth 1.5 nursing contact hours (can be used by most doula and CBE certifications)

– Created for birth workers and advocates

– Includes discussion on: human and legal rights in childbirth; informed consent and refusal; common violations; hospital policy, liability, consent forms; maternal-fetal conflict; enforcement of rights; recent important lawsuits; and solutions + bonus video of three plaintiffs talking about bringing their lawsuits after surviving obstetric violence

– Group license means it can be shown in the group setting of your choice

– Estimated due date August 2018

At this time, this class is only available as a reward to backers of the Mother May I film.  You may get access to it as an individual at the $100 level or with a group license at the $500 level.