Doula Power New Membership (Annual)

Online Community with Cristen and the Group

Closely moderated by Cristen, a safe, supportive, private online space… drama-free by design.  Doulas need a safe, respectful place to open up and get non-judgmental support, as well as to process their own secondary trauma in a healthy way.

A “support group with skills,” based on the idea that each of us has the innate ability to heal ourselves… given the right support and tools.

Each member of Doula Power agrees to abide by our Community Discussion Guidelines and takes a short how-to on “Permissive Counseling”–in a simple but powerful model adapted for birth by trauma expert Nekole Shapiro.  Following a few simple guidelines, we heal by helping each other heal.

Monthly Wine & PJs Parties with Cristen and the Group

Powerful, personal unscripted time together regularly.  Debrief about difficult births, help each other brainstorm solutions on a specific situation (how do I deal with a client who has special needs? how do I help a client who is being bait-and-switched?), discuss the latest industry news or controversy (are doulas advocates?), or check in with each other about their self-care.  Discuss topics like horizontal violence, doulas as advocates, hospital-doula contracts, and white privilege in birth.

Library of Birth Monopoly Resources

Including the classes “3 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Hospital Birth” (with the scoop on consent forms and hospital policy), “Horizontal Violence,” and “White Privilege in Birth (Work) 101.”

All hosted by Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly, Birth Allowed Radio, Improving Birth, and the Exposing the Silence Project

Guarantee: You may pause and resume or cancel your membership at any time.

With an annual membership, you get one month free each year!